Special lift

We specially design this kind of elevator for special environments such as explosive gas, acid, corrodible alkaline, environment exposure to much steam, smoke and dust such as: gas production factory, gunpowder production factory, acid and alkaline solution production factory, nitrogenous fertilizer production factory, spaceship launching station, atomic nuclear production factory etc.
The elevator operates by a dedicated engine or hydraulic system, with no sparking, less heat, control cabinets and wire systems, double-shielded motors, with the outer layer made by special aluminum alloy: easy cooling, good fire and explosion-proof, other than sealing the system (separating the elevator system from the surrounding environment), the cooling and gas exchange system is also provided and works separately with the surrounding environment, the navigation, sliding or causing friction system is replaced with high-grade plastic material. The cleaning of the elevator is also emphasized because most of the areas exposed to the goods are designed so that the dust is not deposited and most of the materials are used smooth stainless steel. Come to us – professional elevator supplier and consultant.

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