Observation elevators

Glass hoistway elevators (or observation elevators), are a trend which is considered and ordered by many customers. Rather than dryly looking at the four walls of the elevator cabin, now as wetravel in elevators, we will have enjoyable experience of seeing everything from high to low and from low to high.
We usually see only this type of elevators in commercial centers or the big hotels. However, presently it is a trend used by many families. Understanding aspiration and psychology of customers, Thanh Phat also provides many models of modern and luxury glass hoistway elevators for family. Many apartments of villas or buildings in the inner city use this type of elevator. Moving in the glass hoistway elevator cabin increases aesthetic value to the villa, office
Along with the trend of modern architecture, the observation elevator series also has gradually escaped from the functional task to better meet the aesthetic and style requirements. Thanh Phat, with a collection of the latest design for elevators, always make the best efforts to create inspiration and a great experience for users.

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