Car lift

Our dedicated car elevators are designed according to special requirements. The size and capacity of this car elevator must be compatible with 4-seat, 7-seat, 25-seat cars or more, usually used for apartment buildings, car parks. Car drivers only need to control their car into the elevator and at the same time control the elevator. It uses the world's leading technology with high flexibility and reliability, so it is possible to ensure safety for your valuable car. Elevators use VVF control technology derived from Japan in order to meet the operation of car elevator, reduce noise and save energy. In addition, the actuators of elevator door are equipped with state-
of-the-art protection sensors to ensure safety when the cars enter or leave elevators. The status indicator system of elevators is installed remotely, such as: direction of moving, parking or stopping, situation of loading (car) in cabin, specially designed to provide more reliable and safer service for cars and users. The advanced network data, which speeds up transmission an accuracy in elevator control and monitoring; our car elevator is not only a product of modern technology, but also has a stylish and elegant design, expressing the spirit of the aristocracy. Its unique design style suggests that it is always closely aligned with our development.

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